Wednesday, August 10, 2022


The Paleo-Lab - Pietraroja Geopaleontological Park is the museum built inside the homonymous park where many petrified remains of animals and plants were found and where, in 1993, the famous dinosaur cub Scipionyx Samniticus (called "Ciro") was found, of which today it is in show a cast. The didactic offer of Paleo-Lab of Pietraroja, which boasts installations curated by Paco Lanciano, offers students

  • Educational workshops and viewing of live 3D stereoscopic films
  • A journey through time by climbing the geological elevator (a sort of "tele-transport" walking through the geological eras)
  • The history of living forms on Earth


The proposal includes: booking, entrance, guide service, viewing of the docu-films, participation in educational workshops (of your choice).


Useful information

  • Recommended period: from March to May
  • Duration of the visit: about 2 hours
  • Recommended for: Primary School, class I of First Grade Secondary School
  • In the case of large groups, the activities will be carried out in groups and in shifts
  • The visit route is accessible to the disabled


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