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The Bourbon Gallery and the neighboring caval environments represent a cross-section of the last 500 years of the history of Naples. A path that allows you to know the history of the city from the '600 to the contemporary, the geology hidden behind the formation of the same, the evolution of civil engineering up to the realization of the Bourbon works. The itineraries to visit the Bourbon Gallery in Naples lead students to discover:

  • The cisterns of the 17th century and the ancient Carmignano aqueduct
  • The Bourbon Gallery, military path desired by Ferdinand II of Bourbon in the 1800s
  • World War II war shelters and "museum rooms" with finds of all kinds (vintage cars and motorcycles, statues of the fascist era, etc.)


The proposal includes: booking, entrance, guided tour, participation in the standard course.


Useful information

  • You can visit the Bourbon Gallery during the whole year
  • Duration of the visit: about 1 hour and 30 minutes
  • Recommended for: first and second grade secondary school classes II and III
  • In the case of large groups, the descent into the Gallery takes place in groups and in shifts
  • The visit route is accessible to the disabled
  • The visit route is not recommended for claustrophobic subjects


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