Saturday, July 24, 2021


The Zoosafari of Fasano, in Puglia, with its 140 hectares of extension, it houses numerous districts, from the strictly zoological ones dedicated to the animals of the five continents to the more playful ones of the amusement park Fasanolandia. At the Zoosafari of Fasano it's possible:

  • Carry out the tour circuit with your own vehicle (discovering lions, tigers, elephants, giraffes, zebras and many other animals in absolute freedom)
  • Participate in pedestrian zoological itineraries (in the area of ​​Primates, small carnivores and park birds
  • Climb in Metrozoo (train on rails for observation from above of leopards, capybara, storks, etc.)
  • Visit the Lake of the Great Mammals (polar bears, brown bears, rhinos, hippos and seals), the Monkey Village (observation of over 300 free baboons from inside an armored train), the Tropical Room (aquarium, reptile house, vivarium)
  • Participate in exhibitions, museums and thematic educational itineraries


The proposal includes: booking, entrance, guide service.


Useful information

  • Recommended period: as per annual calendar
  • The duration of the visit depends on the number of optional activities
  • Recommended for: Primary, Secondary and Secondary School
  • In the case of large groups, the activities will be carried out in groups and in shifts
  • The visit route is accessible to the disabled


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