Saturday, April 13, 2024


Cinecittà World is the amusement park of Roma dedicated to Cinema and TV where students of all ages have the opportunity to approach the world of cinema, television, science, history and art in an active, original and fun way. Workshops, educational courses are designed to provide new opportunities and educational tools. For each of the thematic sections of Cinecittà World, you can choose between various routes:

  • TV AND CINEMA: how to make a film; Cinecittà World Tour
  • SCIENCE: digital and special effects; Jurassic World: the era of the dinosaurs
  • ART AND HISTORY: Leonardo Da Vinci
  • ENVIRONMENTAL EDUCATION: Magically plastic


The proposal includes: booking, entrance, guide service (optional)


Useful information

  • Recommended period: spring, as per the annual calendar
  • The duration of the visit depends on the number of optional activities
  • Recommended for: Primary, Secondary and Secondary School
  • In the case of large groups, the activities will be carried out in groups and in shifts
  • The visit route is accessible to the disabled



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