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Naples is one of the largest and most enchanting cities of art in the Mediterranean that still presents itself today as a treasure trove of cultures from different eras and backgrounds. Stroll through the ancient neighborhoods, streets and alleys of the ancient Parthenope allows you to discover its age face ancient, medieval, modern, contemporary, to savor its flavors more typical and to learn the ancients culinary traditions, to know the minor limbs strongly identity. This walking tour leads to the discovery of the ancient road routes that connected the hilly area to the center of the Neapolitan city, up and down the stairs and the most hidden alleys of Naples where here and there they will open their eyes to breathtaking panoramas.

We propose an itinerary to be carried out on foot, putting human and nature health first.



The route starts from the Vomero district, precisely in the San Martino area, where the Stairs of the Petraio, one of the oldest tracks in the city, will take you to reach the famous "Spanish quarters", once a place inhabited by Spanish troops during the he was from the viceroyalty. Through the characteristic alleys, you will reach the heart of the historic center of Naples, in particular the Ponte di Chiaia and the locality "Pizzofalcone", so called for hunting with the hawk in vogue in the Angevin era. The end of the walk will be in the splendid setting of Piazza Plebiscito. The main stages:

  • Stairs of the Petraio
  • Spanish quarters
  • Location Pizzofalcone
  • Piazza Plebiscito


Cost of the tour: starting from € 12.00 per person
The cost is variable based on the number of participants



  • Duration: about 3 hours
  • Available times: morning or afternoon, to be agreed
  • Meeting point: Piazzale San Martino, Vomero district
  • Available every day from Monday to Sunday
  • Tour in Italian
  • Includes: local tour guide
  • Along the way it is possible to taste local products. Any tastings are optional and excluded from the requested rate
  • The dips can be customized
  • Free cancellation up to 48 hours before the tour

To protect your health, participation in the tour will be open, exclusively by reservation, to individuals, couples, families up to a maximum number allowed by the security protocols in force, for the whole year 2020.



In case of cancellation of the tour due to problems related to the covid-19 emergency, it will be possible to take advantage of a voucher on any other date of 2020 or 2021.

For info and reservations:


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