Saturday, May 21, 2022


Naples is one of the largest and most enchanting cities of art in the Mediterranean that still presents itself today as a treasure trove of cultures from different eras and backgrounds. Dominating the spectacular gulf with the imposing volcano Vesuvio and the three magnificent islands - CapriIschia and Procida - Naples is a city where the historical and archaeological stratifications create entirely peculiar and enchanting visit itineraries. Stroll through the ancient neighborhoods, streets and alleys of the ancient Parthenope allows you to discover its age face ancient, medieval, modern, contemporary, to savor its flavors more typical and to learn the ancients culinary traditions, to know the minor limbs strongly identity.


Example of program

  • Arrival in Naples early in the morning and typical breakfast with sfogliatella and coffee
  • Guided tour starts (according to the chosen tour itinerary)
  • Lunch at a local facility
  • Continuation of the guided tour
  • Visit to a taste laboratory and / or a craft shop (optional)
  • End of activities


Useful information:

  • The excursion itinerary can be agreed
  • The proposal includes the guide service, does not include any entrance fees
  • Recommended period: all year round
  • Duration of the visit: full day
  • Recommended for: adults and children
  • The itinerary is accessible to the disabled


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