Wednesday, August 10, 2022


The Science Center of City of Science it is the first Italian interactive scientific museum. A place of experimentation, learning, fun, meeting and constructive dialogue with science and technology. The philosophy of the Science Center of City of Science it is based on interactivity and direct experimentation of natural phenomena and technologies, a context where scientific education, cultural tourism is practiced and where students have the opportunity to:

  • Travel to discover the human body by visiting Corporea - The Human Body Museum
  • Traveling among the stars by participating in the shows The Planetarium
  • Visit thematic exhibitions
  • Participate in educational workshops for science education


The proposal includes: booking, entrance, guided tour (compulsory from March), participation in educational workshops (optional, optional).


Useful information

  • It is possible to agree on the visit program
  • Recommended period: all year round
  • From March to May the guided tour is compulsory
  • The duration of the visit depends on the number of students participating and the optional activities
  • Recommended for: school students of all levels
  • The proposed activities are accessible to the disabled
  • It is recommended to book the visit at the beginning of the school year


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