MSC Crociere torna a viaggiare con MSC Grandiosa e MSC Magnifica.

With last minute offers for the Mediterranean on board MSC Grandiosa and MSC Magnifica, MSC Cruises is ready to welcome travelers back on board its ships to once again sail together in the beautiful Mare Nostrum. We report, from the company's website, the following declaration about the strict security methods applied to allow tourists to return to sail the waves of the Mediterranean "All of us have faced great difficulties in this period and our priority is to make you live your holiday peacefully every day, in all its moments, from booking to life on board. For this we have introduced the formula Safe and Peaceful and a strict Security Protocol, which will allow you to enjoy your cruise in complete serenity. Plus, ours is included in the price of your cruise Covid Protection Plan (CPP), to provide coverage before, during and after the cruise".  On MSC Grandiosa it will be possible to experience an unforgettable 7-night cruise departing from Genoa, Civitavecchia, Naples and Palermo with a stopover in Malta. Your holidays in Italy and Malta aboard a ship that offers comfort, relaxation and fun. With MSC Magnificainstead, we will leave for a 7-night cruise in the Mediterranean with departure from Bari and Trieste and stopover in Greece touching Corfu, Katakolon (Olympia) and Piraeus (Athens). An extraordinary opportunity to discover the cultures of Italy and Greece for an experience not to be missed. With the aim of protecting the health of passengers, reducing the risk of infection during excursions, and making every aspect of the passenger experience safe during an excursion that is in line with all on-board health and hygiene standards, the descent to land it is only allowed with excursions organized by MSC Cruises. For this, a selection of 3 excursions is available in the ports of your choice according to the procedures established by the 'Let's set sail with excursions' rate.

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