The Neapolitan airport will become the airline's first Italian airport.

Big news for Capodichino airport. The low cost airline Volotea announces that from 2020 Naples will be a new stopover. 60 new jobs and 22 new routes announced, including an exclusive stopover for Alicante. The largest offer of the company is located in Naples, which sees the company's largest airport in the Neapolitan city. The news has been announced, as reported by Il Mattino, during the press conference attended by Carlos Muñoz, President and Founder of the airline, attended Roberto Barbieri, CEO of Gesac, the company that manages the airport, Corrado Matera, regional councilor for the development and promotion of tourism and Mario Calabrese, councilor of the Municipality of Naples delegated to infrastructure and transport. The president of the Muñoz company said he believed in the potential of a territory like that of Naples. It will actually be a great opportunity for our city airport to further increase the number of passengers, which has increased dramatically in recent years. Naples is added as a base to other Italian cities such as Palermo, Verona, Venice, Genoa and Cagliari.