From an idea by Giuseppe Ottaiano a new initiative of the Terre di Campania Cultural Association, to raise awareness and enhance the immense water heritage of our region.

After the launch of the Virtual Tour, the artistic installation "Drops of water", dedicated to the enhancement of the priceless heritage of waters and springs of the Campania region, returns to the real world. Waiting to finally be enjoyed by the public, the collective installation has become the protagonist of a video shot inside the historic Paleochristian Baptistery of Nocera Superiore (SA). 180 drops of wood, painted by 44 artists and by over 100 students from 7 Campania art institutes, populated the interior of one of the symbolic places of Christianity in Campania, known for its historical-artistic importance and, for its ancient function of Baptismal Source, naturally linked to the theme of water. The video shot has the dual purpose, on the one hand, of spreading the knowledge of the artistic installation whose inauguration, due to the health emergency caused by the spread of COVID_19, had to be postponed, on the other to help promote cultural heritage and Campania places where water is the protagonist. A video that aspires, therefore, to become the first of a long series. Water is an essential source of inspiration for art because it is the primordial origin of life and fertility, as well as tumultuous, suggestive and evocative scenarios. The drop of water is there canvas on which the artists have expressed themselves. For all of them the same form, from which 180 different stories were generated. Different styles, colors and techniques to narrate elementwater, an element as simple as it is imbued with infinite potential. The result was an artistic installation designed to contribute to the "ecological - environmental" protection of the Campania region understood as a social value and to highlight the rich heritage of the purest waters and sources of our region which have always supported the needs of millions of users. The initiative created by Giuseppe Ottaiano, founding member of the Terre di Campania Cultural Association, was carried out with the support of the Carisal Foundation and Gori SpA, in collaboration with the Diocese of Nocera Inferiore - Sarno, the Cultural Heritage Office of the Diocese of Nocera Inferiore - Sarno and the Parish of Santa Maria Maggiore in Nocera Superiore.

The artistic installation will soon be exhibited live.

The video is visible on the website and on Facebook