How tourism professionals can make us live unforgettable experiences.
(Text freely inspired by Social content)

The advantages of visiting a place accompanied by a Tourist Guide are innumerable. First of all, the optimization of time: moving between monuments, sites, suggestive corners of a city requires knowledge of spaces. With a Tourist Guide it is possible to visit at least twice what you would be able to do yourself. In addition, thanks to the experience of a tourist guide, it is possible to access content that is very different from that found in books and in printed guides. The tourist guides "explain", that is, they open the folds of knowledge, talking in a simple way (sin plicus - without folds) of complicated things (with plicus - with folds). The Tourist Guides are not repetitive and are able to explain to children of four years as to cultural groups, explain to the elderly, high school students, doctors participating in a congress, adopting linguistic registers that continuously change according to the public. The human component also favors the possibility of entering into a direct and intimate connection with the place you visit. The guides know where you can make unmissable purchases, where you can eat and drink the different specialties of a place in a genuine way, where you can live unforgettable experiences. Driving is not a sterile storytelling but it can be considered a real mission. You are lucky enough to meet hundreds of people and enter their lives, even if for a short time, while you tell the story, the traditions, the art of the places you visit. Be guided: it's a whole other thing.