This is what emerges from a survey conducted by ENIT, the national tourism agency.

Hope comes from the web. To underline it are the surveys made by ENIT on the platforms social, which show how the desire of one Italian vacation in Europe is anything but dormant, despite the crisis caused by the pandemic. One thing above all: from March 18 to April 30 there were a total of 617,400 mentions of the Peninsula - of which 32,600 appeared on the web and 584,800 from social media - which produced something like 186,400 interactions: a spontaneous promotional campaign worth 331 million EUR. However, our country remains the most coveted destination in Europe. Examining, in fact, the total of summer bookings in absolute numbers, our country registers 407 thousand from June to August (down 68.5% on the same period of 2019), compared to 403 thousand in Spain (-63.7% ) and 358,000 in France (down 66.3%). The performances of competitor countries such as Greece, Egypt and Croatia are still far away. An encouraging signal, therefore, in line with the trend that sees the emergence of aall Italian summer.