Ready to start again with awareness and safety.

The tourist season is far from over and, despite a growing pessimism spreading by the media, it is not said that the sector must necessarily project itself as early as 2021. In fact, Italians continue to dream of leaving their homes, perhaps without giving up summer holidays, which will be an opportunity to rediscover some of the most beautiful places in our country. Google searches in this sense are wasted and small initiatives spring up just designed to go in this direction. This is the case, for example, of Biosalus, the Bari-based company that markets air and water purifiers present throughout Italy, which has ratified an agreement with Assohotel Puglia Confesercenti to rediscover the Apulian vacation spots. In practice, the Apulian company will facilitate its employees who choose to spend their holidays in Puglia. This behavior is hoped to be replicated by other companies as well. Furthermore, it should not be forgotten that the Government, through the mouth of Minister Franceschini, has never decreed any closure to tourism, both internal and foreign. And in any case, there are many active Tour Operators with their proposals, to which they have added very convenient cancellation methods, designed precisely to stem the effects of the COVID-19. So, aware of the current situation, we are only waiting to fully understand how we can return to travel and do it safely. We will do it more consciously and with some precautions. We are ready.