This is what emerges from the analysis of the research carried out by the Italians in the last period.

"We will go to the beach this summer", this is the statement of the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism, Lorenza Bonaccorsi. And then the Italians began to dream. But what do they dream? With due caution and measures still being studied, ours will certainly be different holidays, with hygiene measures and distances to be respected. And then for the Italians it will perhaps be easier to respect the provisions imposed by staying at home, better near the sea and better if you can have a garden with a swimming pool. This is the trend that emerges from a search carried out by the portal. Analyzing the research data, in fact, an exponential increase of the same has emerged as regards houses for rent in coastal municipalities. For example, in the first two weeks of April, the portal recorded an increase of six times higher than the average of houses for rent in Palermo, while in Santa Margherita Ligure the increase was 43 times higher. But it is not only the sea that attracts the attention of Italians: there are houses with a garden on the wish list. In this sense, research in regions like Veneto, Campania and Lazio doubles. Iesolo records a 209% increase followed by Venice with a + 150%. Even in the Neapolitan capital the need for a house with a garden is greatly felt: in this period, requests have tripled compared to the previous period. The trend is also confirmed in the capital, which recorded a 98% increase. It is clear, therefore, that we do not want to give up on tourism, but we are all looking for the safest way to live it.