Travel ideas for proximity tourism

Spotlight on summer. You sighed so much holidays should be safe, even if with due limitations and precautions necessary to guarantee our safety and to prevent the re-emergence of the dreaded COVID-19. The government and the task force of experts are already working to establish how it will be possible to use sea and mountain tourist destinations, but much will also depend on the individual regions, which will have the right to tighten or lighten the measures. But what will our holidays be like at the time of the Coronavirus? For sure, at least for this year, trips abroad are excluded for the reasons that we can well imagine. Think, in fact, of the difficulties that could arise when returning home if a new epidemic broke out in the country where we are. It will mean that 2020 will be an opportunity to rediscover the so-called proximity tourism, remaining on the national territory or, better still, in your region. And on the other hand Campania, more than many other Italian regions, offers the perfect mix between sea and mountains, with dream beaches and suggestive villages nestled in rolling hills. Here are some ideas for our holidays in Campania:


Enchanting seaside villages, beaches of fine sand, large spaces and breathtaking natural scenery make up the offer of this geographical area located in the province of Salerno. A holiday context suitable for families and couples where the beauty of the sea makes it easy to combine the possibility of cultural excursions to discover temples, archaeological areas and medieval castles. All without forgetting the taste of typical local products, one above all the precious buffalo mozzarella, and the opportunity to live unique experiences, such as flight of the angel in the village of Trentinara or the traditional Lamparata to Marina di Camerota.

Amalfi and Sorrento Coast

A classic of our region, a strip of land nestled between heaven and earth, where nature and the work of man have been able, together, to create unique landscapes that have fascinated travelers from all over the world for centuries. Flavors, perfumes, ancient and modern knowledge will fill the vacation days to be spent discovering small beaches, the streets of small villages, masterpieces of craftsmanship and taste. The coast is also suitable for trekking enthusiasts, with breathtaking routes, such as the Path of the Gods. A tip to better enjoy this corner of Campania in every aspect: staying in Agerola, the pearl of the Lattari Mountains, located exactly in the center between the Amalfi and Sorrento coast.

Slow tourism

There are many tourist routes to live in the internal areas of our region, between the Sannio and Irpinia. The provinces of Avellino and Benevento in fact, they are crossed by a maze of ancient roads, tratturi and tratturelli today rediscovered by the so-called slow tourism, which sees visitors from all over Europe, and not only, walk these ancient paths stopping in the numerous villages that meet along the way. Each of them hosts one or more particularities. Castles, museums, churches, fountains, springs, dishes and unforgettable typical products, to be enjoyed at the local farmhouses, where you can also stay, will surprise you, making you fall in love with a land to be discovered.

Wine tourism

Whether you choose the sea or the mountains, you can enjoy unforgettable experiences in small farms or wineries, tasting local delicacies and tasting excellent wines. From Aglianico Irpino, to the harshness of the province of Caserta, to the Lacrima Cristy of Vesuvius and the wines of Cilento, there are many labels and cultivars to try, on a gastronomic and oenological tour to be built according to your personal taste.

All that remains is to choose the most suitable holiday for you. Obviously in Campania.